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4th Annual Recognising & Supporting Menopause & Fertility in the Workplace Conference

Time: 14:00 - 17:30 (if you can't attend live, register to watch the recording)

Cost per attendee: £195 early bird (tickets £295 after June 30th 2021)

Experiencing fertility issues, becoming a parent, going through menopause. These are natural life events, but they pose significant challenges for your people. How can employers ensure they provide the support their employees need?

Employers are recognising that they need to offer services to support their employees’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The benefits to both parties are considerable, with recognisable improvements in everything from absenteeism to engagement.

Why attend this online conference?

A vast majority of the 4.4 million over 50 women will go through menopause during their working lives. Recognising and supporting menopause is vital and positions your organisation as an inclusive employer of choice to a crucial demographic. It will help improve productivity and engagement, lower absence levels, reduce recruitment costs and avoid any legal action.

  • Workplace discrimination based on gender or age is illegal under the Equality Act
  • Several companies have faced tribunals and lost, being ordered to pay substantial amounts
  • Replacing a woman who has left work due to menopausal symptoms can cost an average of £30 000
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: ensure your midlife female employees can work as long as they choose with the highest possible quality of working life
  • CIPD revealed that 30% of the working menopausal women they surveyed had taken sick leave, yet only a quarter of these told their boss the real reason for their absence
    • 65% said their ability to concentrate was affected
    • 58% experienced greater stress
    • 52% became impatient with clients and colleagues due to menopause

Part of a long-established BFI portfolio of workplace occupational health training.

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Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR, Diversity & Inclusion, Occupational Health, Recruitment & Resourcing, Policy & Strategy, Operations, Legal, Talent, Equality, Policy, Organisational Development, Employer Branding, Engagement, Employee Relations, People Development, Learning and Development, Improvement and Quality and all Directors and Line Managers with responsibilities in this area.

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