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Large number of organisations still at risk of losing significant portions of workforce through lack of IR35 preparations

When IR35 was first introduced to the public sector in April 2017, organisations lost a whopping 51% of their skilled contractors. No company can afford that sort of loss of talent or knowledge or wishes to face the potential expensive legal challenges that may ensue. "Look at what happened to the BBC and NHS", says Andy Chamberlain, Deputy Director of Policy and External Affairs at IPSE and a regular contributor the BFI's sell-out series of IR35 planning and preparation events.

The new rules are complex; MOO, right of substitutions, control and other contentious issues are making legal history and the lawyers richer. If you want your business to be ready for April 2020, it's vital to examine the practicalities right now. Smart companies are busy reviewing their current contracts to nail down IR35 status. It's vital organisations ensure contracts are fit for purpose to avoid potentially expensive legal challenges down the line.

"Examine the practicalities now, Dave Chaplin", CEO of ContractorCalculator, urges. The implications of getting it wrong are far-reaching. As well as reputational damage, unprepared companies are risking their hiring costs spiralling upwards as well as making it difficult to hire mobile workers in the future. And in a post-Brexit tight hiring market, that is not an ideal scenario. "You’ve got to get your contract rates agreed, as well as make sure you advertise them correctly on the first place," he adds.

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2nd April 2020, London - IR35 Planning and Preparation Workshop: An Intensive Practical Training Day