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Walking the walk on wellbeing and retention

Workforce issues remain at the top of the agenda across most sectors of the economy – the spotlight on staffing shortages in the aviation industry is just the latest high-profile example. So, what are the short and longer term solutions? And what innovative approaches are starting to make an impact on retention and employee wellbeing? These are just some of the questions we will be finding answers to during the forthcoming BFI online summit.

Moving from overwhelm to action

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of workforce-related issues and the sheer velocity of change. Below is a snapshot of the most pressing challenges (flagged by the BFI community of employers and experts) that we will be getting to grips with on June 22nd:

#1. Bridging the expectations gap

The pandemic has changed people’s priorities and expectations. What does this mean in practice for leaders and managers? How are employers finding new ways of listening to their employees and generating usable insight and data? Employers across all sectors are trialling new approaches. Come along and learn how to interpret and leverage initial findings. 

#2. Making hybrid work

Recent BFI events have underlined emerging challenges linked to remote and hybrid work, including the impact on organisational culture, potential silos and the need to review performance measurement procedures. We are learning as we go; the forthcoming summit is another opportunity to share views and co-create new responses.

#3. Making change happen on D&I and wellbeing

Employers have recognised that it is time to move beyond good intentions and make change happen. We can find inspiration from what has worked and take learnings from what hasn’t. One of the aims of the Summit will be to share valuable lessons from practical (and replicable!) case studies from across the globe.

#4. Winning the ‘retention game’

Employers are taking a multi-faceted approach, ranging from pay reviews, to new working patterns, radically enhanced employee engagement, a re-energised working environment and a clear analysis of why employees are leaving in the first place. What measures are proving the most effective, what can we learn from each other?

 #5. Cracking on with the ‘recruitment revolution’

Being prepared to review current hiring procedures, criteria and channels is the starting point here. Creating a compelling and authentic ‘employer brand’ is a further step forward. What does this look like and what innovative approaches have created a ‘candidate attraction breakthrough’?

These are just some of the high-wire workforce worries that employers are grappling with. Walking the walk is an uphill struggle; it can feel like rolling boulders up a mountain! These challenges will not get any easier, but we can get better at addressing them…See you at the summit!

Tom Hadley is an independent workforce and campaigns consultant and will be one of the keynote speakers at The BFI Workforce Retention and Wellbeing Policy & Practice Summit 2022 on June 22nd. To get involved and book your spot, please register here.