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Creating an Inclusive Workplace for LGBTQI+ Talent

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Why does LGBTQI+ inclusion matter to your business? Diversity is a business imperative, not a choice. Talented candidates have a myriad of options in these times and make no secret of the fact they can and do analyse potential employers through the lens of workplace culture.

Canny at telling the difference between inclusion and lip service, smart LGBTQI+ know their market worth and are looking for truly inclusive workplaces in which to thrive and settle.

Hint: it’s going to take a lot more than an inclusivity statement on your website. Your competitors are using this post-Covid period of reflection to reengineer their workplace culture to meet the needs of a workforce that expects equality in every area.

This essential course, based on our decade-long track record of innovative and ground-breaking gender equality events, gives you the tools to understand the needs of your potential and current LGBQI+ employees and ensure your workplace is meeting their specific needs. Guiding you through issues such as language, policy and culture, you’ll leave armed with the key elements of a legal and inclusive culture.

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Partner with us to create a bespoke course we can deliver to your teams (of all levels and all sizes) to clarify your intentions and objectives, and put them into meaningful practise. We can help your teams to communicate and collaborate to share missions and mindsets. To find out more click here.

Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR , Diversity & Inclusion, Recruitment & Resourcing, Policy & Strategy, Operations, Line Management, Legal, Talent, Training & Development


Welcome and ice breaker

Data: Analysis and quantifying the impact of an LGBTQI+ inclusive workplace

  • The effects of discriminatory practices on the UK economy
  • Facts and figures: How the UK’s most diverse workplaces consistently outperform others
  • Key elements of a culture of acceptance, support and inclusivity
  • Gender stereotypes and unconscious bias: what the cost may be to your organisation
  • Can profit your company; diverse environments help employees maximise their potential; challenging bias in recruitment and promotion.

Legal updates and imperatives: Where might your organisation need to update policy and practice to remain in line with progressive employers?

  • What are your specific obligations and duties towards LGBTQI+ employees
  • Protecting the rights, dignity, and opportunities of LGBTQI+ in your employment
  • Legal versus gender-based issues: is it bullying or harassment?
  • Benchmarking against The Equality Act 2010 and ‘protected characteristics’?
  • Global issues, challenges and hotspots: an update on anti-discrimination law 2022

Comfort break

Guest speaker case study: Culture and retention: Creating a safe and inclusive environment for your LGBTQI+ workforce

Hear the lived experience of a colleague and learn how to avoid costly mistakes

  • Moving past lip service to demonstrate a true commitment to LGBTQI+ workers
  • Creating a formal policy to reduce LGBTQI+ discrimination
  • Outlining your expected behaviours organisation-wide
  • Responding swiftly and appropriately to instances of discrimination
  • Communicating your organisation’s support of the community
  • Policies and legislation versus practical realities

Reaction and discussion: Delegates are invited to share their thoughts and responses

Comfort break

Guest speaker: Mental health challenges and solutions: Ensuring your organisation anticipates and meets the needs of LGBTQI+ colleagues

  • Raising awareness of the impact of gender bias and stereotypes
  • How to model non-confrontational exploration and discussion in your organisation to break down barriers
  • Understanding the difference between gender sex and sexuality and how this may impact your LGBTQI+ colleagues’ lived experience: what will ensure a feeling of safety and inclusion in your workplace?
  • Practical strategies and changes you can implement tomorrow
  • The importance of communicating inclusive policy, leadership, representation ally networks and language


Delegates are encouraged to step away from screens during this break. We will also be providing suggested reading and other educational resources to explore during this time. There will also be a private virtual space for those delegates who wish to share this time to eat and reflect together

Interactive workshop discussion: Affecting change through company culture sea change

Working in small groups, delegates will examine the following key issues and exchange stories, experiences and observations to move towards defining the elements of a truly inclusive workplace culture

  • Maximising buy-in to an inclusive culture
  • How to support managers at all levels
  • Understanding sexual harassment and impact on workplace safety
  • Office banter vs microaggression; what terminology could be construed as biased or offensive
  • It’s not just about pronouns: strategies for providing cultural and educational support
  • Tackling LGBTQI+ employee isolation and underrepresentation.
  • How to retain LGBTQI+ employees long-term
  • Supporting transgender and non-binary colleagues: the specific barriers faced by transgender employees.

Comfort break

What essential changes do you need to make to your recruitment policy to position your organisation as an inclusive employer of choice: Avoiding the usual and unusual mistakes

  • Revitalising policies to make them inclusive of all potential LGBTQI+ employees
  • Specific language dos and don’ts
  • What does an inclusive recruitment strategy look like?
  • Working on a limited budget: creative ideas that work
  • Specific changes to make to interviews and pre-screenings to maximise inclusivity and send the correct messages
  • What are the specific onboarding considerations to offer?
  • Performance reviews and career structure: what do LGBTQI+ recruits need to feel included?

Wrap up, action plans and end of course

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