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The Foundations to Being an Effective D&I Leader Workshop

Time: 09:00 - 16:30 GMT (if you can't attend live, register to watch the recording)

Cost per attendee: £350 + VAT 

Platform: Zoom - An encrypted zoom platform with password access. Click here for further information and to test access 

A highly-intensive workshop created to intentionally address the challenges highlighted by the hundreds of conversations we've had, before and during Covid-19, and at our recent D&I Summit, where almost 200 colleagues shared challenges, ambitions and potential solutions.

All-new programme and truly interactive format concentrates on the importance of engaging deeply with an inclusive leadership journey. Learn how to positively challenge your organisational mindset and bring your workforce to a place of real inclusion and diversity.

Join a cohort of other D&I leaders to examine best practice, share stories, hear lived experience and develop an inclusion strategy for your own organisation. See how you can be instrumental in advancing equality in your workplace and move far past lip service.

Numbers will be limited to maximise learning and enable you to fully engage with and progress your own inclusion programme.

Want to run this event in-house?

Partner with us to create a bespoke course we can deliver to your teams (of all levels and all sizes) to clarify your D&I intentions and objectives, and put them into meaningful practise. We can help your teams to communicate and collaborate to share missions and mindsets.

Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR, Diversity & Inclusion, Occupational Health, Recruitment & Resourcing, Policy & Strategy, Operations, Legal, Talent, Equality, Policy, Organisational Development, Employer Branding, Engagement, Employee Relations, People Development, Learning and Development, Improvement and Quality and all Directors and Line Managers with responsibilities in this area.

Hear from


Chair's welcome and defining and identifying learning objectives and outcomes

A brainstorming and feedback session to tease out the real and hidden expectations of the course attendees and establish exactly what success looks like. HR has the potential to be a real catalyst for change and this important day will help ypu develop a roadmap for your organisation to ensure your diversity and inclusion goals are clear, achievable and something to be proud of.

Inclusion & diversity: the law, benefits and challenges

  • legal framework and obligations
  • reasonable adjustment - for whom and under which circumstances: understanding the context and your obligations
  • difference between diversity & inclusion - defining terms of reference
  • what does a truly diverse workplace look like?
  • biases and barriers to inclusive recruitment programmes
  • delegates will have time to reflect on their own positions and organisations and examine ways in which professional action can help you establish networks and become an effective diversity partner

Coffee break

Leadership skills and behaviour

Best practice 

  • examples and analysis
  • what does a truly inclusive workplace look like?
  • getting your policy out of the handbook and into reality: embedding company-wide support for the programme


  • expanding your knowledge: what questions to ask, to whom, when and how
  • establishing a framework to enable conversation
  • do you have blind spots? how can you tackle them in yourself and in your organisation?
  • identifying big issues and challenges
  • culture versus individuals: where should the balance be struck

Identifying and reaching D&I goals

  • D&I in the time of Covid-19: additional issues and challenges
  • defining what your new policy should include: recent developments and latest thinking
  • implementing a strategy: the practicalities
  • reporting gaps and other legal imperatives
  • networks: who drives them? why, how and when?

Introduction to the afternoon workshops

Six 20-minute immersive afternoon workshops will examine the key areas where organisations need to benchmark their diversity programmes:

race, disability, neurodiversity, women, economic & educational disadvantage and sexuality

This session will examine the challenges posed by a truly diverse and inclusive programme and highlight the importance of ensuring your organisation genuinely offers an experience of belonging for colleagues of all backgrounds. Delegates will examine the benefits of broad inclusivity, the reputational risks of concentrating on certain groups above others and ways to measure your current programme to highlight areas of improvement as well as ways to make a noise and publicly celebrate your achievements. You'll also examine the C-suite down for your company and quantifying the areas where you need to concentrate going forward.


Workshops: race, disability, neurodiversity, women, economic & educational disadvantage and sexuality

Delegates will be assigned workgroups and will attend all six workshops in order to:

  • examine each area and ensure you genuinely understand the specific needs of colleagues in that space
  • workshop content and formulate effective programmes and strategies to affect real and meaningful change, not just tick boxes
  • hear lived experience and interact with those who have different perspectives

Private feedback work and tea break

Closing session: where are you going and what do you want to achieve?

A practical wash-up of the day, delegates will discuss and debate lessons learned, as well as methodology to measure and track the progress of your organisation's d&i strategy. Come prepared to be honest, respectful and open-minded as we work together on a practical programme that you can confidently and effectlyely implement when you get back to the office.

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