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Document Verification & Right to Work Checks for Non-UK National Employees Workshop - London (September)

Date Wednesday 13 September 2017
Venue London - Danubius Hotel Regents Park, London NW8 7JT

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• Can your team recognise a fraudulent document? 
• Are you risking a civil penalty? 
• Do you carry out effective Right to Work checks?
• Do your non-UK employees have legitimate and genuine documentation? 
• Does your policy comply with Home Office regulations? 

Organisations which fail to effectively check a non-UK employee’s documentation face a £20,000 fine. Your organisation is responsible for checking identity documents for all your non-UK employees. That’s quite a challenge, given the sheer volume and complexity of authenticating often unfamiliar documents. For the last five years BFI has been running this practical and interactive workshop throughout the UK. Hear from top immigration and document verification specialists and ensure that your policies and procedures protect your organisation.

Workshop Highlights

• Prevent illegal working: legal clarification of your responsibilities
• Avoiding costly discrimination litigation
• Is your policy legally compliant? 
• How to verify a non-UK candidate’s immigration status
• Compare examples of real and fake documents
• Checking and verifying identity documentation from outside the UK including: 
              - Passports
              - Photo ID & Driving Licenses
              - Birth Certificates
              - Supporting Documents
              - Stamps 
              - Visas

We do hope you can join us. 

Recent feedback:

"Good content and well presented. I enjoyed this interactive workshop" -Legal Counsel - FM Global

"Very informative and easy to relate to"  HR Co-Ordinator - Allianz

"A wealth of Information. Great presentations and interaction with the groups questions"  Personnel Manager - Fredrickson International Ltd