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Brexit IIII: The Employers' Summit- Preparation, Planning & Policy

Date Tuesday 17 April 2018
Venue Danubius Hotel, London NW8

A quarter of UK employers believe they could lose EU National staff this year (CIPD report - February 2017)

For the past two years, the sold-out Brexit Summit's have seen 100 senior level delegates hear from leading legal and industry experts who discussed the possibilities of Brexit-Britain. Now in the post-referendum landscape, these possibilities have evolved to actualities with the principle date to leave the EU being 29th March 2018.

The Brexit outcome has sent seismic shockwaves through the UK, EU and global business. UK employers and employees alike need concrete facts and practical advice in order to reassure employees and plan for Brexit with minimum disruption.

There are numerous pressing questions on the current and future rights of EU and immigrant workers, established workers’ legal rights, changes to immigration systems and how the HR landscape will look post-Brexit.

It is critical to establish a contingency plan that reassures and protects workers and allows for business move forward. This Summit gives the elements of a workable and flexible roadmap for hiring, retention and policy strategies over the short- and medium-term

Drawing on BFI’s 20 years’ experience in the HR and business continuity planning arena, this conference offers expert knowledge of planning in uncertain times, delivering practical and realistic advice.

At this crucial summit:
• How do you predict and plan for skills gaps post-Brexit and what does your organization need to do immediately?
• Discover the legal implications of Brexit to UK Employment Law and how to plan for potential changes
• Establish the immediate and future legal implications for your migrant employees and how to protect and reassure employees
• Examine the options for future immigration systems and how your organization can prepare
• Ensure your Data Protection policy will comply post-Brexit
• Implement strategies to reassure employees: what are the policy and communication essentials?
• Viital political and economic updates and analysis
• Pensions post-Brexit