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FREE Covid-19 Employer Webinar: What to do This Week - Thursday 26th March 2020 (1)

Recording from Thursday 26th March 2020


About the series

A FREE weekly information-packed live discussion featuring an expert panel addressing the concerns that you have identified for us since the Covid-19 crisis unfolded. Employers are reeling at the speed and severity of the unfolding global health crisis and are struggling to manage employees’ fear and concerns as well as help them quickly establish brand-new ways of working and living.

As part of our business pandemic planning series, which has run since 2006, this weekly webinar will give you real answers and workable strategies. A highly experienced speaker panel will be handpicked each week to share lessons learned from previous pandemics and crises and examine the specific challenges of Covid-19.

The discussion will last for thirty minutes followed by a 30 minute Q&A and we are accepting questions before and during the broadcast. The panel will then address a range of direct questions and concerns. There will also be some online resources available and details of follow-up events in the series.

About this webinar

This was the first 'what to do this week' discussion - you can still register to watch the recording below, focusing on:

  • initial communication
  • crisis management
  • remote working strategies
  • practical steps to manage staff anxiety and panic

Click the link below for panellist bios

(We are making all of our conference and workshop programmes available in this format, and will still offer virtual in-house training for remote teams - stay tuned)

Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR, Health and Safety, Business Continuity Planning, Occupational Health, Contingency and Business Continuity Planning, Recruitment, Resourcing, Legal & Compliance, Line Management, Employee Relations, Security, Risk, Compliance, Strategy, Operations, and all directors and staff with responsibilities within this area.

Hear from


Intro: The anatomy of a crisis: what to expect and when. Social, civil and military responses

Implementing safe social distance working practices

Occupational health: key messages and actions: What information does OH need to communicate and how often?

Business impact assessments: key questions

Looking to the long-term; setting the objective, supporting aims, and immediate goals

Communications in a crisis – who, what, when and how

Supporting a remote team: anxious, stressed and panicky employees

The psychology of a crisis: good mental health practice for employees

Using technology smartly: staying focused, connected and purposeful

Sustaining culture when the landscape changes

Business partners and supply chains: initial issues and messages

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