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Building and Managing Effective Virtual Teams


During lockdown the way people worked seismically changed and with many employees now opting not to return to the office full-time, organisations have adopted remote working patterns. Along with the consideration of multiple other new options, managers must now understand how to leverage the right technology and how to maintain momentum in virtual teams. This training programme will demonstrate how organisations can establish a strong leadership presence over teams working remotely, and how such teams can benefit your organisation via increased productivity and goal achievement.

The programme content can be adapted to meet your specific organisational challenges and training needs. The course runs for approximately 6.5 hours and can be adapted for a briefing or half-day session. 

This training programme provides strategies to overcome anxiety around beginning difficult conversations and explains what language you should use and what questions you should ask.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Be aware of the key factors involved in building effective virtual teams
  • Understand why the management mindset needs to change post-Covid
  • Have a sound understanding of the practical aspects of new communication methods

Course Overview

New communication and observation skills - examining your own communication style; communicating across different platforms/modes; micro-planning your message, articulating key points.

Going the extra yard to keep our connections human - remote productivity and maintaining standards; measuring performance and progress; using technology to automate flow and reduce friction; communicating consistent, relevant, and urgent direction to everyone; adopting new behaviours in a disconnected state of being

Productive working practices - make space to learn; focus on culture and norms of behaviour; engage in quality conversation; build trust and relationships.

Legal implications to consider - Is your working from home policy legal; do you understand data law - GDPR, DPA, trade secrets, intellectual property rights, confidentiality and reputation; Trades Union consultations and processes; are employees working from home covered by legislation regarding working hours; will there be different insurance considerations?

Choosing and leveraging the right technology - where can you automate or reduce friction; simplify technology choices; upgrade the old, outdated, and ineffective; fix HR processes; include end-users in deciding what is important and prioritise.

Practical solutions to establish strong virtual leadership connections - empathy first; focus on truth and transparency; building competence; always listening; never forget to respond – quickly, accurately, and often; share your lessons learned regularly.

Building resilience - helping employees to thrive wherever they are working; paying attention to the work-life balance; burnout and other side effects from working in isolation. 

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