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Pandemic Planning

Pandemic Planning Training for HR professionals 

BFI’s track record for training teams on pandemic planning stretches back to the SARS crisis in 2006 followed by Avian Flu. Having been featured on national and international media including Radio 4 and Japanese TV as a source of expertise on this subject; BFI was the first company to offer conferences, training and in-house advice to companies on preparing their organisations when SARS struck.

Jump forward 15 years and the learnings of those first crises were invaluable in preparing businesses for the effects of Covid-19. The impact on the HR profession is ongoing and profound. As the pandemic rumbles on, the situation is ever-changing, and responses evolve and improve all the time. It is therefore essential that employers stay abreast of developments in the many legal, medical and mental health challenges ahead.

Were you happy with your organisation’s response to Covid-19? Have you consolidated your team’s learnings and re-written your business continuity plan? Are you ready for the next ‘unexpected situation’ that could disrupt operations? Whether ‘business-as-usual’ grinds to a halt due to a cyber-attack, natural disaster, pandemic, or a social-media driven PR disaster; having a continuity plan in place has proven to be business critical. Don’t wait, talk to our training experts and ensure that your team can keep calm and carry on.

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