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Graduate Recruitment


With the seismic changes in working practices caused by Covid and Brexit and a diminishing labour supply, the UK hiring market is facing unprecedented changes. To ensure survival, it is crucial to understand what current graduates need from an employer as well as what the graduates can offer them. Employers must also be willing to explore the new technologies that graduates are trained in. Ultimately, recruitment programmes must suit both business and graduate.

The programme content can be adapted to meet your specific organisational challenges and training needs. The course runs for approximately 6.5 hours and can be adapted for a briefing or half-day session. 

This training programme provides practical solutions to recruitment issues faced by employers in these uncertain and unparalleled times.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Be aware of the current challenges and obstacles facing UK businesses
  • Understand the processes by which employers can adapt to new methods of recruitment
  • Have positive solutions and strategies to implement immediately in your graduate recruitment programme

Course Overview

The role of graduates in your organisation - the benefits of employing graduates; how has their role changed post-Covid and post-Brexit; the current skills sought by employers; the skills gap that must be faced by employers; major obstacles that graduates seeking employment must overcome; what will help employers to develop drive and ambition in graduates; what lessons have employers learned from experiences during the pandemic?

Recruiting graduates - the state of the employment market post-Covid 19; changes to the recruitment process since 2020; new recruitment methods being used by employers; what are the determinants of student career intention; why do students so often diverge between the choice of degree and actual employment; are virtual interviews set to be used permanently; the advantages of assessment centres; can new technologies enhance the graduate recruitment process post-Covid 19.

The role of universities - does career support need to change within universities in the wake of the pandemic; do tutors and employers need to communicate more with each other; can career readiness become as important a part of the curriculum as academic subjects; can academic curriculums include practical skills required for future employment.

Adopting best practice - how to ensure that graduate skills meet the expectations of employers; if employers are in crisis, how can they engage positively with graduates; how can employers adapt graduate recruitment post-Covid 19; can social mobility be supported by employers; how will placements and internships be affected post-Pandemic and post-Brexit?

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