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Non-UK Employee Visa Workshop

Approx. 6.5 hours, half day also available

From January 2021, there will be significant changes to the UK immigration system that will impact UK employers of non-UK nationals. As the details of how Brexit will affect your foreign workers, this important workshop will ensure you are abreast of developments and prepared for the new system.

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The new rules for current sponsored migrants have implications to immigration and recruitment practices and procedures - are your policies properly robust?

Will your non-UK staff be employed legally? Are you up to date with Home Office changes? Will your employees have the correct visa? Are you risking your Employer Sponsorship Licence? Are you prepared for a UKVI visit? Do you fully understand the changes to the Points Based System & its applications? As an employer – you are responsible.

Failure to comply fully with Home Office regulations could land you with a £20,000 fine, a removal of your licence to hire migrant workers and by knowingly employing an illegal worker you are risking a two year custodial sentence. An unsatisfactory non-UK recruitment policy also leaves you open to costly race discrimination law suits. The complex legal and regulatory system often makes it very difficult for employers to ensure that their recruitment and employment policies are fully compliant with the law.

BFI’s Non-UK Employee Visa Workshop: The Employer’s Guide to Immigration & Points Based System brings together top legal, immigration and practitioner experts. This practical and intensive workshop will explore Home Office regulations, the Points Based System and non-PBS routes in depth so you come away with a full understanding of the requirements on you as an employer of non-UK nationals.

This is a unique opportunity for delegates to bring along their policies for evaluation and feedback with industry peers and immigration experts. Have all your legal & policy questions answered; with many Q&A sessions built into the agenda, you can ensure your policies are watertight.

Highlights of Non-UK Employee Visa In-House Training

  • Implications of Brexit and the new immigration changes
  • Vital Home Office updates
  • Getting to grips with Tier 1 & 2
  • Non-PBS routes to working in the UK
  • Ensuring your sponsor duties are fulfilled
  • New staff: Home Office compliant recruitment
  • Existing staff: managing work visas
  • Preparing for a UKVI Audit
  • Ensuring documentation is comprehensive and genuine

Recent feedback:

"An absolutely excellent course and well delivered, content was relevant, easy to understand with real life examples that helped. The trainer is excellent, and made us feel completely at ease and able to ask any questions. This is a new process, handed to us without any documentation, the course has provided much needed confidence and the ability to implement our own procedures. I would highly recommend and would look to use again. Thank you so much"

We will tailor the course to suit your organisation's needs. This is a preliminary outline to give you a taste of what we typically offer when delivering this course in-house. After an in-depth discussion between your organisation and the trainer, we will develop a course outline which meets the specific needs of your team. 

This course can be delivered face to face or virtually.

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Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR & Recruitment
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Immigration Specialists
  • Vetting & Screening
  • Security & Risk
  • Operations & Adminstration


Update on home office requirements post January 2021: what must your organisation be aware of?

  • Summary of immigration routes for staff coming into the UK
  • Explanation of Tier 1
  • Closure of the Post-Study Work route: what are your options?
  • What are the rules for business visitors?
  • The Tier 2 route including: certificates of sponsorship, the resident labour market test, skill level, salary, English language and maintenance
  • Period of stay, extension and change to circumstances
  • Sponsor duties including preventing illegal working, record keeping and reporting
  • Sponsor licenses: key questions and stages
  • Suspension, downgrade and revocation of licence
  • TUPE and Acquisition; managing right to work permissions and ensuring contracts are correct
  • 'Permission to travel'
  • Staff communication and action plans
  • ETAs

Immigration compliance part 1: preparing for a UKVI audit: essential document checklist

  • What documents are necessary to prove compliance?
  • What information is needed from applicants?
  • Effectively maintaining records and documents
  • Successfully monitoring migrant employees
  • Document verification best practice; improving your team’s knowledge of counterfeits
  • What exactly takes place in a compliance visit?

Immigration compliance part 2: non PBS routes to employment & application guidance

  • Non PBS workers: Tier 5, EU nationals, family members, Croatia rules
  • What to do if an employee's circumstances change during employment
  • The application process - how much involvement by the employer?

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