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Government neglects to remove 174,000 foreign nationals from UK

New reports have made it apparent that The Home Office signed a worthless contract with private outsourcing group, Capita to deal with the amount of illegal immigrants still based in the UK.

The contract, which cost around £30m failed to demonstrate its return on investment and has resulted in alot of anger being directed towards Theresa May. The firm only managed to make 1,000 illegal immigrants leave the UK. The statistic proves that shockingly, less than 1% of the immigrants were actually contacted by Capita.

To add to the botched contract, Capita also neglected to relay the correct facts to the Government by overstating the amount of immigrants leaving the country by more than a quarter.

James Brokenshire, the Immigration and Security minister, “We are committed to building an immigration system which is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants and, as this report makes clear, applying a rigour to the immigration system that it has been lacking for many years.”

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