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Non UK Employee Visa Workshop: Employers Guide to Immigration & PBS

Successful workshop makes welcome return in light of current immigration changes

Knowing that your non – UK staff are employed legally and comply with the latest Government changes involves maintaining an understanding of the requirements placed on you as an employer of migrant workers. This workshop will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to bring along their policies for evaluation and feedback with industry peers and immigration experts. Attendees will have all their legal & policy questions answered; with many Q&A sessions built into the agenda, you can ensure that your policies are watertight.

BFI’s “well – structured and very informative” Non-UK Employee Visa Workshop: The Employer’s Guide to Immigration & Points Based System brings together top legal, immigration and practitioner experts from Eversheds and The Westwood Organisation. This practical and intensive workshop will explore Home Office regulations, the Points Based System and non-PBS routes in depth ensuring you come away with a full understanding of the requirements on you as an employer of non-UK nationals.

A thorough understanding of the necessary documents and information needed from applicants is vital to ensuring your recruitment strategy complies with Home Office requirements. Failure to comply fully with compulsary regulations could land you with a £20,000 fine, a removal of your licence to hire migrant workers and by knowingly employing an illegal worker you are risking a two year custodial sentence.

This promises to be an informative workshop with knowledgeable speakers able to answer any questions that you may have. For more information about the workshops, which are running in both London and Manchester this year, please see our Event listing:
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