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Shared Parental Leave backed by celebrity pair

Since the announcement of the new law on Shared Parental Leave (see previous article), which will commence on 5th April 2015 – there has been much debate from males in particular who oppose the change and feel it will affect their patriarchal ‘breadwinner’ statuses. A survey conducted by Glassdoor, an employment website showed that around 75% of men did not want to partake in Shared Parental Leave due to a fear of ‘loss of status and earning power’.

Rugby player Ben Foden, who is married to pop singer Una Foden of The Saturdays fame believes that the ‘new man’ approach is becoming increasingly common, especially amongst his young teammates. Foden provided an incredibly refreshing insight into how modern men view the new law, ‘In this day and age, women can just as easily be the main breadwinner as men. Why should they have to give up their careers when they have children?’.

What are your thoughts on the new law? Do you believe it to be a good thing or not?

BFI are holding a Parental Leave & Flexible Working Workshop - Legal & Policy Guidance for Employers on 29th January.