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Have our views on immigration changed?

A recent study carried out by YouGov on The Sun readers has proven that the British attitude towards immigration isn’t always as clear cut as the media portray it to be.

The findings showed that overall only around 10% of readers thought immigration had been good for the UK over the last 10 years, a percentage that no one would find particularly surprising. However, when looking at the answers in more detail it is clear that the overall hostile attitude towards the immigration crisis in Britain is caused by the ‘wrong’ types of immigrants being allowed to enter the country.

When asked how they felt about wealthy individuals looking to invest in Britain entering the country, a staggering 66% of those surveyed did not have a problem. Additionally, 58% felt International Students had a positive impact on the economy, 58% also agreed highly-skilled workers were acceptable immigrants and finally 53% would be happy to allow health workers to enter Great Britain.

In terms of the ‘wrong’ types of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees were not considered to be good for the country with 54% of readers hoping fewer numbers would be allowed into Britain. Individuals with low levels of education and skills were also not welcome, with an overwhelming 77% agreeing that they brought nothing to the economy.

What are your views on Immigration? Do you employee non – UK nationals? Do you recruit International Students?

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