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7th Annual Online & Multichannel Recruitment Conference

Attracting talent across an emerging digital landscape

With employment rates at their highest since 1971, it is unsurprising that online recruitment is at the forefront of the dramatic rise. A staggering 65% of the UK’s population use the internet on a regular basis and the majority of those believe online job boards are the most useful source when searching for vacancies. Our Conference boasts presentations from: BBC Worldwide, The British Council, PwC, Dixons Carphone, IAB UK, REC and Tom Chatfield, author & commentator

Advertising jobs online is now a necessity, with a multitude of recruitment sites and social media channels competing against each other to provide and acquire the best candidates. Traditional print and headhunting methods are quickly becoming an archaic recruitment tactic, it is essential that you remain aware of advancements in the digital age. The 7th Online Recruitment Conference provides the opportunity to significantly improve your recruitment strategy; maximise use of social media, drastically reduce costs, ensure your HR policies are legally sound and enrich the experience of the applicant.

Understanding the importance of ‘Good Recruitment’, how to target Generation – Y via mobile and tablet devices and how to select the best online recruitment model for your specific recruitment needs is pivotal in securing the best candidates for your company’s future. The future of social recruitment is seemingly going to adapt with the change in social media, which is increasing in popularity year-on- year. It is unsurprising that recent studies show that 35% of the world population have at least one social media account, can you afford not to be where your target audience is?

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