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International students boost economy

With a decline in applicants from overseas in 2012/13, it seems that 2014/15 is on target to produce more positive statistics. It is vital that Further and Higher Educational institutions have the appropriate tools and techniques to maintain and increase their International Student intake.

The Guardian suggests that International Students are accountable for an astonishing £10bn out of the 17bn generated by Universities each year which proves to be a tangible statistic and a significant boost to the UK's growing economy.

Another shocking figure suggests that the Higher Education sector generated around £10.7 bn of UK export earnings. With factors including consumer spending, skilled migration and increased cultural awareness to consider - it is quite clear that a steady decline in the recruitment of International Students would hit the UK hard.

Non-EU students form a vital part of any modern academic institution, making the ability to sponsor students through Tier 4 absolutely crucial. Our 3rd annual Overseas Student Visa Compliance Conference will be taking place this October in London.

For more information about the conference and to book a place, visit the event listings page: