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Migrant worker crackdown in Britain

Figures released last year by the Minister for Immigration and Security James Brokenshire show that approximately 11,500 migrants were given refuge in the UK in four years.  This figure has risen significantly since 2010 and has infuriated many individuals including Steven Wolfe who is the Migration Spokesperson for UKIP, he stated that “Not only has the Government broken its promises on the number of legal migrants entering the UK, but it still remains ignorant and delusional about the problems we face over illegal immigration".

Mr Brockenshire claimed that the UK Government are tackling the problem head on, “This government has shut nearly 800 bogus colleges, slashed 45,000 visas from the further education route and cut family visas by nearly a third since it came to power – meaning there are 50,000 fewer migrants coming to the country from outside the EU than there were in 2010”

A view adopted by Europe’s new Shadow Minister, Pat McFadden provides an interesting set of reasoning for the UKs immigration crisis. He suggests that “Immigration is discussed in Britain as if it is a disease that needs to be treated, rather than a fact of life that needs to be coped with”. 

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