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Daniel is founder and chair of the InterLaw Diversity Forum, which seeks to promote meritocracy and inclusion for all diverse groups working in the legal sector.  The InterLaw Diversity Forum was "Highly Commended" by the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards in 2016 for 'Innovation in Human Resources'.  

Daniel is interested in the impact of the pandemic crisis on legal professionals in protected categories (women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and disabled communities) are how they are being disproportionately affected. Added to this, he is keenly aware of a heightened sense of inequality in society, with the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement gaining important momentum.

In addition, Daniel was named the "Legal Innovator of the Year" at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards in 2012 for his work in capital markets and diversity and inclusion.  In 2020 Daniel was appointed as Queen's Counsel Honoris Causa (Honorary QC) for both his contributions to capital markets in England & Wales through the  Forum for US Securities Lawyers in London as well as his contributions to diversity, inclusion and culture in the legal sector through the InterLaw Diversity Forum.

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