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Elizabeth has been practicing clinical hypnotherapy since 2012 and her clients have benefited from her empathetic approach to their individual treatment. Whilst she specialises in methods to reduce stress and anxiety she sees a wide range of clients at her rural practice in Buckinghamshire. As well as seeing individual clients she has also taken her hypnotherapy skills to the work environment with a range of alternative therapy workshops that help individuals manage stress, develop personal goal setting methods and generate a sense of calm in the day to day chaos of our work. Elizabeth will be talking about how hypnotherapy can be used effectively to deal with physical symptoms of the menopause such as hot sweats, difficulties sleeping, mood swings, as well as the hugely important, and personal, emotional impact. Because hypnotherapy works with the problems, goals and ambitions of each client it is a person centred approach to an alternative therapy that can significantly reduce the emotional and physical effects of the menopause.

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