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Graduating UCL in 2004, Jagriti went on to become a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser qualifying in 2008. She then started her own business Maroon Accounts which has been established since 2009 where she not only undertakes the usual accountancy practice compliance works, but also advises her clients on best business operations.

In 2016, one of her clients, Paul Carratu was in the market to sell his market leading pre-employment and DBS checking business. Jagriti saw an opportunity for a new challenge and together with her father purchased Eurocom CI Limited.

The skills and attributes Jagriti had achieved in her accountancy business were easily transferrable to the Pre-employment screening world. A keen eye for detail, a passion for compliance and a drive for efficiency in highly regulated industries are the very characteristics that make Jagriti a true professional in each of her businesses.

Outside of the office, Jagriti is committed to travelling, boxing and will challenge anyone to a boardgame. She brings the competitive attitude to the works place and since becoming the Director of Eurocom CI has developed some proprietary software to facilitate employee screenings and is always seeking the next challenge to improve efficiency.

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