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Kathy Abernethy has extensive clinical experience working with women at and after menopause. She co-leads a busy NHS menopause clinic in London, has a private clinic in South West London and is Director of menopause services at Peppy, offering one to one menopause support to women, individually and through employee packages. Kathy has authored a book for nurses on Menopause and HRT as well as numerous articles for women themselves, featuring in Woman and Home, Yours, Women’s Weekly, on Woman’s Hour and others. Kathy raises awareness of the impact of menopause at work by delivering workplace sessions to staff and managers. As Chairman of the Society, she contributed to the British Menopause Society handbook on menopause management and is a registered BMS Specialist. She has written her own book for women: “Menopause: The One Stop Guide” which is Highly Commended in the BMA Book Awards 2019 and for nurses, runs educational events relating to menopause.

With Peppy, Kathy leads a team of menopause practitioners to offer one to one personalised menopause support through the support of employers.
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