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Matt has been dealing with IR35 for almost a decade. Having started his career at Qdos Contractor as a consultant and worked his way up to the position of Contract & Status Specialist, his training on the legislation is thorough and well-rounded. He most recently made the move over to Larsen Howie to head up the IR35 Consultancy Team; this team offers a comprehensive contract review service, as well as working practices reviews and general IR35 consultancy for contractors, recruiters, and end-clients alike. Matt manages these services alongside our Head of Tax Andy Vessey ATT, who’s ex-HMRC, ex-Qdos, and an IR35 veteran.

Matt has a firm understanding of the underpinning rules relating to IR35 and has a great deal of experience tackling the many and varied quirks that come with this rather murky legislation. From his hands-on approach to contract review quality control to the face-to-face IR35 training he delivers, he’s heard it all when it comes to the off-payroll rules. His meticulous attention to detail is instrumental to being able to understand and explain the legislation clearly, as well as be able to pick out the IR35 red flags from any given contract or set of working practices that lands on his desk.

In his spare time, Matt’s an avid gamer (both PC and board), enjoys all things sci-fi and fantasy, and reads in great volume and breadth across all genres. As a trained electrician he’s handy to have around the house, and as a self-confessed computer nerd he’s handy to have around the office. 

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