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Pawiter is a successful leader and seasoned ICT polymath, with 33 years’ experience in Tech. After completing his apprenticeship in 1987, Pawiter started his career in an engineering role. Since then Pawiter has been a software engineer, Director of Engineering, CIO, and is currently heading Service Enablement. Pawiter has also been identified as a Distinguished Engineer and top technical talent at Fujitsu.

Pawiter radiates positive energy, brings intensity to the debate, earns the customers confidence, delivers commitments and evangelises the need to transform and change continuously. Warm in interaction and fearless he believes nothing is a barrier. 

Pawiter’s appearance shows his Sikh roots and he’s proud to have a rich depth of culture from Punjab, India and the UK. Pawiter mentors others helping them see their strengths and is an active member of the Cultural Diversity Network, where he is supporting colleagues to have a voice and drive change.

Pawiter has worked, as a Non-Executive Director, with the Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust removing the taboo around Mental Health illness within the Punjabi community.

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