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Rosie Campbell is the Director of the Global Institute for Women's Leadership and Professor of Politics at King's College London. Rosie held positions at Birkbeck and UCL before joining King’s in 2018. She has recently written on barriers to participation in politics, gendered patterns of support for the populist radical right and what voters want from their elected representatives. Her publications cover the subjects of voting behaviour, public opinion, the politics of diversity and political recruitment. She is the principle investigator of the ESRC funded Representative Audit of Britain, which surveyed all candidates standing in the 2015 and 2017 British General Elections, and co-investigator of a Leverhulme funded study of British parliamentary candidates and MPs from 1945-2015 She has co-authored reports for the Fawcett Society, The Expert Panel on Electoral Reform for the Welsh Assembly, the EHRC, BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, The Electoral Commission, The Fabian Women’s Network and The Hansard Society. Rosie has been recently interviewed by The Briefing Room, the Today Programme, Westminister Hour, Woman’s Hour, Newsnight and Good Morning Britain. Rosie has presented four episodes of Radio Four’s Analysis on How Voters Decide, how we judge politicians’ Authenticity, tearing up the politics textbooks and the Conservative party’s problem with BAME voters.

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