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Steven has held a range of executive strategic leadership roles in Fujitsu, including being the Vice President responsible for its UK Government and Transport business.

As Fujitsu’s ambassador for Diversity & Inclusion Steven has been identifying global best practice for workplace inclusion and workforce diversity, identifying the role of Boards and executive leadership teams in these areas, as well as considering the ways in which technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can have an impact on them.  

In this role Steven has worked extensively both externally on behalf of Fujitsu as well as internally, including in company headquarters in Japan with Corporate officers and Non-Executive Board members.

As a champion for diversity and inclusion, Steven has helped embed a more inclusive culture in Fujitsu, and is the executive sponsor of their Shine LGBT+ and ally group. He has been on the Financial Times top 100, and The Times top 50, LGBT executives in business lists.

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