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Crisis Management for HR

Prepare your HR function for a crisis with this half-day intensive workshop

Date: Tuesday, 12th November '24

Time: 09:30 - 13:30  

Cost per attendee: £275 + VAT per attendee 

As crisis plans were activated during the COVID-19 crisis, it became apparent that HR’s role was, and continues to be, far more strategic and wide-reaching than anticipated. As the HR function did most of the heavy lifting, we are reacting to the identified need to reassess the roles played and skills needed by HR to tackle a crisis.

Threats to disruption mount – from global health crises to cyber threats, terrorism to climate change – smart HR functions are upskilling and rehearsing crisis responses to ensure they are ready to react swiftly and effectively in the future.

This intensive half-day training course draws on our unparalleled track record in pandemic planning and crisis management to deliver a unique HR-focused programme. Using scenarios, strategy, and checklists, delegates will learn how HR can contribute to minimising:

  • The impact to your workforce of a major incident
  • Downtime and loss of profit
  • Data and backup considerations Protection of IT and infrastructure
  • Reputational damage
  • Compromised tech and data

Delegate feedback

“Covid showed how unprepared we were and where we can do better. This course gave us the tools to build on our experience and learn some valuable lessons”

“The trainer has amazing experience and I felt in very safe hands. Even the scenario wasn’t daunting!”

“I will recommend this course to other HR colleagues – there’s a lot we can be doing”

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Hear from


Introduction & housekeeping

The basics of pro-active planning:

Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Independent Crisis Management & Communications Expert

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Mark Harris

Independent Crisis Management & Communications Expert

Over the last 24 years, Mark has worked at the forefront of crisis management and communications internationally and held senior positions with leading consultancies such Control Risks, and Burson-Marsteller. Mark has worked on over 150 incidents of kidnapping, extortion, and hostage taking around the world, and 19 cases of vessel hijack. He has also advised numerous companies as they have prepared to restructure, close facilities, or transfer operations to other countries. Mark regularly presents at conferences and is often invited to comment on news stories on a regular basis by news channels such as the BBC, ITN, Channel 4, CNN, NBC, and Al Jazeera.

  • Leadership and roles
  • Elements of a workable response
  • Data and backup considerations
  • Response and communications
  • Training requirements and other resources

Elements of pro-active planning: ten things HR can do today to improve potential crisis responses

An interactive brainstorming session that will look at lessons learned from COVID-19 and the way in which HR’s role has transformed in the wake of the pandemic. Delegates will identify new skills needed and how to ensure HR formulate a robust response to a crisis

Comfort break

Legal and compliance considerations and imperatives

  • Liability and duty of care issues to be aware of
  • Martyn’s law: who needs to do what, when and how?
  • Privacy and confidentiality: essentials for HR in a crisis
  • Post-covid considerations and lessons learned
  • International crisis management legislation: a round-up of the key issues
  • ISO22330 Guidance: what should you know?

Anatomy of a crisis: the role of HR

  • Essential skills
  • Knowledge and how to ensure the right people know the right things at the right time
  • Timeframes
  • Key elements and responses
  • Aftermath
  • What not to do: mistakes that will turn a crisis into a disaster

Media messages and communications for HR

  • Essentials of effective crisis communications
  • Internal and external communication imperatives for HR: key messages to stakeholders
  • Media relations in a crisis situation: what HR should and shouldn’t do
  • Social media: key tactics to manage rumour, misinformation and speculation

Comfort break

Crisis simulation scenario

Delegates will work through a crisis, roleplaying key actors in a crisis, working under pressure in real time to formulate cogent responses using the tools covered in the course. In a confidential and supportive session, delegates will embed learning and benefit from our expert tuition and guidance to leverage key elements learned.

Feedback, recovery and next steps

  • Five post-crisis issues to examine: what do you need to address immediately?
  • Rebuilding trust and reputation
  • CSR for your people - counselling, treatment and psychological first aid

Wrap up and final questions

End of workshop


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