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Improving Union Relations

Managing and Improving Union Relations: Essential skills, tools and best practice

High turnover and early retirement post-Covid are robbing organisations of experienced and successful managers who can negotiate with unions and know the tactics and techniques to achieve a good outcome.


Too often, managers are inexperienced, lacking in confidence and unprepared for the 2024 union landscape, with a Labour government, proposed legal changes to unions law and enhanced union powers. Don’t underestimate the negative effect on your organisation of poor union relations industrial action, low staff morale, a disrupted workplace and negative corporate reputation can all be avoided.


We have trained thousands of senior managers and negotiators across some of the most challenging sectors, including transport, manufacturing, healthcare, education and the public sector. Our experience-heavy trainers can show your managers how to understand the process, psychology and practicality of effective negotiations will have long-reaching benefits for workers and management alike. 

Delegate feedback 

“I’m yet to have direct dealings with the Trade Unions however I will be within the next few weeks. I’m privileged to be able to have this insight before being thrown in the deep end. A really enjoyable day.”

“Excellent, down to earth and easy to understand. Open and honest discussion where everyone was listened to. A great, relaxed learning environment.”

“This course was very interesting and would really benefit new managers that have to deal with safety reps.”

Working Effectively with Trade Unions

Introduction to Trade Unions Relations, Ground Rules & Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations with Trade Unions

Effective Negotiations with Trade Unions

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