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Immigration for Employers

Immigration for Employers - are your policies and systems compliant?

Failure to comply fully with Home Office regulations can have serious ramifications for employers and it is essential that your policies and systems are up to date and legal to avoid substantial fines, removal of your licence and reputational damage.

These expert-led courses examine latest Home Office regulations, the new Points Based System and non-PBS routes in depth to give your teams a full understanding of the requirements on you as an employer of non-UK nationals.

They’ll also get to grips with the complexity of authenticating often unfamiliar documents - carrying out these checks correctly will protect your organisation from fines, penalties as well as reputational damage.

Document Verification and Right to Work Checks

Non-UK Employee Visa Workshop

Employers’ guide to immigration and PBS

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REVAMPED In-house Training Programme

Everything you need to know in the post-Covid age

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