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Raise your professional profile, and the profile of your employer

Looking to develop your public speaking skills or to enhance your employer brand to prospective high calibre employees?

  • Need to deliver your latest research to business leaders?
  • Interested in networking with and learning from other senior-level decision-makers?

At Business Forums International we deliver training to delegates in HR, Recruitment, Legal, Compliance, Global Mobility, Policy & Strategy, Vetting & Screening, Immigration, Resourcing, Talent, Learning & Development, Branding, Employee Relations, Payments & Benefits and Diversity & Inclusion. 

Calling practitioners, lawyers and consultants

Our timely programmes require up-to-the-minute legal overviews and guidance for key topics. 
We provide an unparalleled platform for you to share your experience with a high-level HR audience.
Our 27-year track record ensures our conferences and training courses are highly regarded and well attended by senior HR practitioners, giving all our speakers a high professional profile, the opportunity for professional development and a chance to showcase expertise.
Our events have been covered by national and international print and broadcast media, and we can work with your PR people to ensure your message and presentation are appropriate as well as arrange press interviews where relevant.

Drive business success

For HR Directors, Lawyers and Consultants, communicating is part of your day-to-day job. Being persuasive, telling a good story and being able to influence play a huge part in your success. 

From getting buy-in from colleagues on strategies and ideas to winning new contracts or clients, talking a good talk is a skill that can be developed and honed from the public speaking platform.

Benefit from excellent support and share what you're passionate about

We want our contributors to have the freedom to deliver passionate presentations. Although we suggest topics based on thorough research, we are happy for content to be edited and will be on hand to answer any questions when needed.

Craft the optimum presentation with our speaker support pack

We know that when our contributors are preparing to speak at an event, they need to have a clear understanding of what the event is trying to achieve, who the audience is and how the sessions fit and flow together.

To enable the optimum presentation to be crafted, our speaker support includes an event summary, an agenda, biographies of other contributors and overviews of the other topics being presented. You will also have the chance to rehearse presentations on the day.

Enjoy positive PR

We will also support you and your organisation in all our communications, including our social media channels. We are happy to share any relevant articles, research or information to help you achieve your organisational goals.

Learn from your experience

During the event, delegates will score presentations and panels to give helpful feedback which we will forward to all contributors post-event, so you can improve your performance at any subsequent public speaking engagements.

Free tickets and discounts

All our contributors receive a free guest pass for a colleague or client.

Further guests are discounted at 50%. Even after the event, you will benefit from discounts to future BFI events for one year.

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