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Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Workshop


With so much buzz around the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence to enhance the recruitment process, smart organisations are already leveraging AI-powered recruitment solutions to great effect. Discover the keys to unlocking its power and using it to its full potential.

The programme content can be adapted to meet your specific organisational challenges and training needs. 

Learning Outcomes

During the training you will:

  • Explore the ways HR can harness artificial intelligence to streamline the recruitment process
  • Enhance your decision-making
  • Learn the practical strategies to effectively implement AI in your recruitment practices
  • Learn the associated risks, legal frameworks and how to ensure your systems will integrate and are compliant. 

At this crucial update you’ll also learn:

  • AI Act – timescales and obligations
  • The legal and ethical obligations: What the data privacy implications are for your organisation
  • Key audit and compliance steps and when to take them
  • Using AI to enhance recruitment: How to reduce bias risk, leverage predictive hiring methodologies and identify hidden talent
  • How to avoid unfair outcomes and avoid reputational risk

AI in recruitment in-house training programme overview

Understanding the fundamentals of AI: an overview of key concepts, terminology and tech for HR professionals

  • What AI is and isn't: Benefits, challenges and HR applications
  • AI tool selection and evaluation: a checklist for HR
  • The human role: interpretation, insights and ethics
  • Integrating AI into the HR function and recruitment process

Navigating the AI revolution - Managing large skills pools

  • What does the latest research tell us in terms of the shifting world of work? 
  • How is AI being used for candidate attraction, selection, screening and job matching?
  • Understanding the impact of AI
  • What are the benefits for high volume recruitment and for managing large candidate pools? And what are the short-term negative impacts?
  • The focus on skills: where will AI make the most seismic difference?
  • Leveraging AI as an EDI tool: how to reach and work with vulnerable groups
  • Looking ahead, what are some of the new talent-sourcing possibilities?

 Ethical AI and bias mitigation in recruitment

  • How ethical principles can inform the use of AI in recruitment?
  • Direct, Indirect, and structural discrimination when hiring by machine?
  • Human oversight: where should the human fit in?
  • Identifying the necessary skills: are they always the ones you expect?

 Legal risks and potential penalties: understanding the regulatory landscape

  • AI regulation: where are we now, and what is the direction of travel?
  • Tricky areas: how do we account for positive obligations?
  • Getting it wrong: who pays?
  • Where can it go wrong: where can bias creep in and how can you build in a level playing field?

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