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For over quarter of a century Business Forums International (BFI) has been the go-to provider for executive level training in HR compliance and policy

With unparalleled access to real-time research, our training courses answer the current questions being asked of HR. Our track record includes ground-breaking events in:

  • Pandemic response going back to the SARS crisis in 2006.
  • The latest immigration and right to work practice and policy
  • Trade Unions negotiation and relations with emphasis on successful outcomes
  • Response to government directives on HR compliance and policy
  • Clear and concise advice on implementing changes to employment law

Who do we train? 

Over 20,000 senior-level HR professionals have benefited from our practical, information packed and highly relevant training courses. Our clients are senior level HR decision makers from medium and large employers.

BFI programmes are co-created with industry experts to address your HR pain-points and remove the confusion, stress and challenge of staying abreast of the bewildering and ever-changing HR landscape.  

Why do we do it? 

We are committed to supporting the HR function daily as well as providing a platform to examine challenges facing the profession.

Frequently quoted at the highest level, our research, white papers and round-table debate challenges the status quo and is fed back to national and international think-tanks and lobbying bodies on a regular basis.

Who do we work with? 

We work with an exclusive group of industry experts and leading practitioners. All our trainers and speakers are both subject specialists as well as talented instructors. We are fastidious in our choice of tutors to ensure we continue to deliver the world-class training that will make you an employer of choice. 


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