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Conflict Management and Toxic Workplaces

HR Risk Forums: Conflict Management and Toxic Workplaces

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When: Thursday, 4th July

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A recent YouGov survey revealed 62% of people believe they have worked in a toxic culture. That doesn’t reflect terribly well on UK employers.

Whatever the election results, that too may cause further friction and fracture in the workplace.

As well as disengagement, demotivation and a negative effect on health, workers are up to ten times more likely to leave what they perceive to be a toxic workplace.

Workplace conflict costs employers £30bn a year 

The good news is that HR can play a pivotal role in rooting out the causes of broken trust, disconnect in values, poor behaviours and the impact they all have on reputation, morale and productivity.

Pip Brown has a wealth of conflict resolution expertise to share. She’s trained hundreds of organisation and taught them how to tackle workplace toxicity, aggression, negative team dynamics and bullying. Join us to hear the key elements of a healthy workplace and the changes that must start with HR.

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Introduction and welcome

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Director of Research
Business Forums International Ltd. (BFI)

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Business Forums International Ltd. (BFI) logo

Elizabeth Smith

Director of Research , Business Forums International Ltd. (BFI)

Elizabeth is director of research and a founding co-director at Business Forums International. She is responsible for all programme content and writing, and researches current areas of interest for senior HR professionals in large organisations. BFI is the UK’s leading HR risk specialist conference and training provider, delivering key and timely information to over 3,000 delegates a year both through public and in-house training courses. Before founding BFI in 1996, Elizabeth specialised in researching corporate financial programmes in Asia and the Middle East, based in Dubai. She also worked in advertising and publishing in the Middle East and London. Elizabeth was educated in the West Indies, Saudi Arabia and Belgium before reading Modern Languages at Durham University. She is currently developing an online training course for line managers to raise awareness of menopause symptoms and ways that employers can work to make their workplaces more inclusive.

Tackling workplace toxicity

Philippa Brown

Philippa Brown

Conflict Insights

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Philippa Brown

Director , Conflict Insights

A CEDR-accredited mediator, Pip founded Conflict Insights to reduce the harm from conflicts on individuals and organisations, both internationally and at home. Pip provides expertise to a range of clients including the United Nations, UK government, European Union, development agencies and think-tanks. She routinely receives excellent feedback from clients for delivering strong results and for her collaborative, empathetic approach, building and enhancing relationships that have become fractious and dysfunctional in many conflict-affected teams. Pip uses the experience and skills she developed working in international conflict environments to reduce the negative effects of conflicts closer to home. She offers mediation, conflict coaching and training to businesses, public sector organisations and multilateral bodies. Pip works as a workplace mediator and trainer for UK Mediation and TCM – both leading resolution consultancies. Pip is also a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Mediator for Collis Mediation Ltd – working with families and Local Authorities to reach agreements over the support to children and young people with SEND. Pip is practical, calm and incisive. She works flexibly to create a problem-solving and transformational framework for parties to achieve a result that each is happy with. Pip has a track record of collaboratively supporting a wide range of stakeholders and clients at all levels, building rapport in a very natural way to understand their concerns and working through to a positive conclusion. She is often praised for her ‘calm authority’, which she uses effectively to maintain an effective environment for constructive discussions.

  • Defining a toxic workplace: key questions to ask What are the drivers?
  • Demographics, leadership, gender and race: quantifying the impacts on culture

The pivotal role of HR

  • Stakeholders and messages
  • Challenges you’ll face tackling the issue
  • When it all goes wrong: case studies and war stories

End of webinar



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