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FREE Covid-19 Employer Webinar: What to do This Week - 7th May 2020 (7)


About the series

A FREE weekly information-packed live discussion featuring an expert panel addressing the concerns that you have identified for us since the Covid-19 crisis unfolded. Employers are reeling at the speed and severity of the unfolding global health crisis and are struggling to manage employees’ fear and concerns as well as help them quickly establish brand-new ways of working and living.

As part of our business pandemic planning series, which has run since 2006, this weekly webinar will give you real answers and workable strategies. A highly experienced speaker panel will be handpicked each week to share lessons learned from previous pandemics and crises and examine the specific challenges of Covid-19.

The discussion will last for thirty minutes followed by a thirty-minute Q&A or knowledge-sharing session - we are accepting questions before and during the broadcast. Please send your questions to

About this webinar

Our 7th in this popular weekly series giving employers the tools and knowledge to tackle the unique HR challenges posed by the global crisis.

Drawing on our almost two decades' worth of pandemic planning and management expertise, we are delighted to offer these free weekly senior HR webinars as part of the #KeepBritainWorking initiative.

We are responding directly to your concerns and the live questions posed each week and this episode will deliver a legal checklist and a look at what you need to start thinking about to plan and manage a safe and timely return to work. When is the right time for your company? And how do you pre-empt some of the staffing issues that might arise?

See the full agenda and speaker bios below.

(We are currently developing all of our training in a digital format)

Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR, Health and Safety, Business Continuity Planning, Occupational Health, Contingency and Business Continuity Planning, Recruitment, Resourcing, Legal & Compliance, Line Management, Employee Relations, Security, Risk, Compliance, Strategy, Operations, and all directors and staff with responsibilities within this area.

Hear from


Legal and Employment Law : Update and Checklist

Workforce Planning - Ready to Go Back: Key Questions to Help Formulate Your Return Strategy

Employee Mental Health - 'Them and Us'

There are concerns about divided workplaces; those furloughed versus those working. How do employers manage and pre-empt workplace division?


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