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Men and the Menopause at Work


We have trained hundreds of managers in how to deal with menopause in the workplace. Feedback from our male delegates has shown that many men fully appreciate the opportunity to learn about the menopause and how the symptoms can seriously affect women in their daily lives.

With menopausal women making up a sixth of the UK workforce, organisations need to acknowledge that they are a crucial demographic. In response to an overwhelming number of requests for a male-focussed course, and created in consultation with a range of stakeholders, we are delighted to offer this unique  training workshop.

Understanding the impact on women, legal implications, the business case and what the hell it’s all about

Men and the menopause at work learning outcomes:

  • What the symptoms are and what do women really experience?
  • To understand their legal duty of care
  • To quantify the business case for implementing a policy
  • How menopause guidance fits into an overall EDI strategy
  • How to support family members and improve relationships with menopausal partners

What did your male colleagues think?

"It was so great just to talk about the menopause - great that men were there too. Thank you very much, made me feel a little less bonkers!"

"It’s taken me far too long to join all the dots. I thought she was having a breakdown and didn’t know what to say or do to help".

"My partner stopped shopping and doing the laundry. I assumed she was planning to leave me once the children had left home. It never occurred to me it might be menopause-related".

"My wife had a radical hysterectomy recently and I need to know how to support her through early menopause".

"I am on the receiving end, and I don’t know handle the situation of my wife going through perimenopause. Thank you for explaining what it’s like for many women and making me less afraid and more confident about supporting her".

The programme content can be adapted to meet your specific organisational challenges and training needs. This half-day course can run at either 0930-1300 or 1300-1630

Men and the Menopause at Work; symptoms, solutions and difficult conversations course outline

The agenda below is used as a starting point for pre-course discussions with the trainer. To ensure the final agenda meets your specific requirements, minor amendments can be made.

Eggshells, mood swings, libidos and other menopause taboos. 

A confidential and open discussion to get it all on the table.

  • All the things you’re dying to ask but don’t dare
  • When does it even start?
  • Does it ever finish?
  • How to avoid saying the wrong thing
  • Fixing and managing: how men inadvertently get it wrong
  • Is there ever a right thing to say?
  • What helps menopausal women?
  • What is especially unhelpful?
  • Busting taboos and reducing the fear factor: what you really need to know

The menopause business case

  • Statistics and arguments:
    • Reduced absence
    • Loyalty
    • Building your brand as an inclusive employer
    • Reduction or recruitment costs
    • Minimising the risk of workplace tribunals

You legal obligations:

  • Menopause policy and guidance at work: essential components
  • Meeting your legal requirements
  • Avoiding age and sex discrimination
  • Workplace risk assessment: Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1993
  • Equality Act 2010 and workplace guidance: a checklist

What are the symptoms and potential remedies? How do menopausal symptoms affect women at work and at home?

  • What’s the difference between perimenopause and menopause?
  • Biology: symptoms and effects on working women
  • HRT, black cohosh and yoga: inside track on what might work on alleviating symptoms
  • Five things you can do today to support the menopausal women you know

Top tips on conversation starters

  • Real life role play to minimise fear, offence and the chances of it all ending in someone’s tears

Wrap up and closing questions

  • Sighs of relief and feedback 

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