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Marcia Brissett-Bailey, has featured in Forbes, a narrative changer, provoking the representation of Dyslexia. Nominated for the Stereotype Buster of the year category at the 2021 Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards! She is a Special Educational Needs consultant, and speaker talking about education and the workplace with an entrepreneur mind-set which she believes is a gift from her Dyslexia, seeing her ideas in pictures and thinking outside the box.

She is also an advocate and champion of Dyslexia and neurodiversity. Board Adviser Member of the Centre for Neurodiversity Research at work, judge panellist member at the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards! Marcia is invited as a guest speaker by various organisations and charities, sharing her experiences and personal lived journey of Dyslexia.

A co-founder of the British Dyslexia Cultural Perspective Committee, trustee at the Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association, which she hopes will enable others who are dyslexic/neurodivergent find their voices, especially from cultural perspective.

Marcia has achieved a BSc in information science, postgraduate in career guidance, certificate in person-centred counselling skills, a diploma in specialist teaching & Learning, a MA in special educational needs and L3 IPSEA trained.

She has worked in the education community sector for the last 30 years, and has provided information, advice and guidance in higher and post 16 education as well as being a SEND lead.

Marcia is an author with a passion for creative writing and performing arts. She is also already featured in two books, ‘Dyslexia from a Cultural Perspective’, and ‘The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do’. As a qualified careers adviser, she has a particular focus on personal development, helping young people to achieve their full potential and aspirations by setting personal goals.



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