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Change Management: 5 Top Tips for HR

1. It’s got to start at the top

If you don’t have the leader of your organisation leading it, it will fail. He or she must set the tone and lead by example.

2. You need visible benefits or consequences

People will only change if there is either a benefit to them changing or a consequence to them not changing. People who don’t change are driven by either fear or a lack of understanding about the need to change. If there is not a visible benefits or consequences, chances are they will not change

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate

When you’re driving cultural change, you need to continually tell them (your employees) about why you are doing it. Repeat yourself constantly and embed the message. T-mobile and Orange.

4. Respect the past

It is really important to remember that the past led to the present and made the business what it is today. When I was leading the Orange and T-Mobile merger, I knew that neither one could survive alone. Orange was a great brand, T-mobile had fantastic systems: both together is powerful. Ask employees what they liked from the old way, and bring this through into the new. Also ask that they didn’t like and drop it.

5. Role model the change you want to see

You need the critical mass to be behind the change. If there are not enough role models and champions to influence and drive the shift, it won’t happen. Be the change you want to see.

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