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HR Risk Forums: stay informed with BFI's 30-minute webinars

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but we are sharing our 30-year track record and extensive address book to offer a twice-monthly update on the subjects that are currently giving HR a collective headache.

A 30-minute FREE Webinars Series that Tackles Key Areas of HR Risk 

The possibility of a change of government, along with employment law changes, policy challenges and the ever-looming prospect of AI have all contributed to an interesting start to 2024. Adding in strained union relations, labyrinthine immigration changes and the ever-present problems of recruitment and retention, it’s a tough gig for HR right now.

So alongside our regular training courses, high level conferences and busy in-house training service, we’re offering a snapshot of each of the problem areas in order to clarify some key issues.

Last week we kicked off with over 200 people hearing from experts about the upcoming IR35 changes and how that’s affecting employers.

Head of research, Elizabeth Smith, said

“I listen every week to senior HR practitioners and it’s clear there are a great number of unclear areas. From keeping up with IR35 to knowing the best way to prepare for union disputes and negotiation, our clients need bite-sized snapshots of the issues in order to plan and prepare.”

The half-hour webinars, will offer clarity and strategy, delivered and debated by leading lights in the industry.

With three decades under our belt, we know who can give the best answers. Registered delegates can pre-submit questions, and the live format ensures we are answering exactly what HR practitioners need right now. 

And because they’re online, we are seeing colleagues from across the globe participating in these crucial discussions. You can join via Zoom or watch them live on our LinkedIn page. 

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