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Menopause Support & Guidance - A FREE Webinar Series

“I was absolutely dreading this training and almost didn’t log on,” said a recent attendee, let’s call him Charlie, at a Men and Menopause in the Workplace training course, which was deeply flattering. His wife had recently become perimenopausal, and he had been scared (and scarred) by her sudden inexplicable mood swings and rages.

He’s not alone. In fact, many of the women on the call shared his apprehension, either becoming increasingly freaked out by sudden symptoms or noticing colleagues who were struggling and feeling helpless about how to support them.

Our shocking lack of medical focus on the menopause means many GPs are useless too. We heard from a woman whose doctor assured her she wasn’t menopausal, just had “too much stuff in her brain.” Seriously. No wonder women get the utter, sodding rage.

HR Risk Forums: A FREE Bimonthly Conversational Webinar Series

We’re expanding our free menopause events, part of our range of HR risk conferences and training, to start having some more detailed conversations about the things nobody wants to tell you.

Of course, duty of care and the Equality Act ensure employers need guidance or policy and we have several events to support how to do that. From conducting confidential interviews to writing and embedding a policy for employers. But in those sessions, we hear so many stories from women (and men) about how physical, emotional, and mental changes can shock and affect them, that we’ve spotlighted some of the tougher issues to tackle in our free half-hour webinars detailed below: 

Menopause Support & Guidance #06: Taming the Rage, 07/03/24 

Firstly, because it’s always mentioned, we’ll look at The Rage – what causes it, how it feels like, innovative ways to manage it. 

Menopause Support & Guidance #07: Workplace Initiatives. 21/03/24 

What colleagues can do (and definitely NOT do) to make the workplace better for everyone.

Menopause Support & Guidance #08: Getting help, 04/04/24

We’re also looking at how menopausal women can approach their GP – we’ll go through a checklist to make sure you get exactly what you need and want and not be fobbed off or patronised or dismissed or belittled or any of the other appalling reactions we’ve been hearing about.

Menopause Support & Guidance #09: Liberation & Creativity, 11/04/24

It’s also a passion of mine to look at the really great things that happen to women as they enter this amazing period of life. So we are facilitating a session to look at what changes will happen and how to really enjoy the brand new era you’re entering. Too often, in our youth-obsessed culture, aging women feel marginalized, irrelevant, and invisible. What codswallop. We have experience, wisdom, and a great wealth of life lessons.

So don’t miss this vital session if you’re feeling ambivalent about this approaching era. 

Keep an eye on the website as we’ll be adding new subjects over the next couple of months. And meanwhile, Charlie gets the last word:

“I went home and told her that I’d been on this course and had no idea what she’d been going through. We talked about how she is affected by the physical changes and how it makes her feel. I am so relieved that we are talking and the two duvet solution has saved our marriage!”

Got a large team? We also provide Menopause in the Workplace in-house training for groups

Our thoroughly-researched programmes give your organisation the tools and legal framework to formulate your own policy and help facilitate open conversations around menopause in the workplace. 

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