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Trade Unions Movement and the Recent Appointment of Liz Truss


In our series of five minute Q&A's, Elizabeth Smith caught up with Derek Luckhurst, Training and Development Director at IPA on the importance of working with your Trade Unions and how facilitating negotiations can lead to innovate answers to complex problems. 

Derek's tips to taking a pro-active approach 

If you have a Trade Union then it is about having adult dialogue. Ensure you bring them into the discussions at the earliest point. 

  1. Know about the history of industrial relations 
  2. Do your homework 
  3. Be confident when your Trade Unions Reps come into the room and anticipate their questions 
  4. Be prepared and know how they might react 
  5. Build a credible business case for change 

Remember don't shy away from disagreements, they are a way to innovate and find answers to complex problems. 

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