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Conflict Management and Difficult Workplace Conversations


Conflicts can arise in any workplace at any time. Sometimes there is a build up of tensions over a period of time; but sometimes they can develop as if from nowhere. Once damaged, relationships can be tricky to repair as the boundaries of the professional and the personal blur. Workplace conflicts can damage personal and business reputations, hamper teamwork and indeed damage the business as a whole. Having the skills and experience to resolve and manage conflicts is essential.

Conflict Management Training for HR and Line Managers

Our in-house training offers a confidential environment, perfect for team training and tailored specifically for line manager and HR. This cost-effective solution allows for bespoke training designed to equip your team with the tools and confidence to manage conflict, engage in difficult conversations, provide effective solutions, and ensure your workforce operates at optimum levels.

The course runs for approximately 6 hours.

What our delegates say about our in-house Training courses:

“Excellent, down to earth and easy to understand. Open and honest discussion where everyone was listened to. A great, relaxed learning environment.”

“Fantastic, knowledgeable and relaxed. Lots of real-life examples.”

“Content was useful and relevant. Well presented with good signposting to helpful legislation documents.”

Who will benefit from attending: 

HR professionals and Line Managers from all sectors, especially those managing or dealing with volatile direct reports, colleagues, clients

Learning objectives and benefits of this Conflict Management workshop:

Featuring expert trainers, our practical and hands-on training will examine:

  • Active listening
  • The anatomy of conflict
  • The psychology and physiology of conflict: what kicks in and why
  • High-intensity and emotional responses and how to manage them
  • Empathetic responses

Key training topics include:

  • Understanding and analysing the anatomy of conflict and tricky conversations
  • Initial indicators of challenging behaviour and what will happen when left unchecked
  • Conflict management: essential steps to follow and why
  • The psychology of difficult behaviours and strategies to manage them in the workplace
  • Common scenarios that will necessitate a difficult conversation
  • How and what to fully prepare
  • Role play

All in-house training with BFI includes:

Pre-course team SWOT analysis; pre-course attendee engagement to ensure objectives and issues are addressed; trainer matched to your specific challenges; interactive and engaging course design to maximise learning outcomes; full course notes and supporting documentation; post-course analysis of team strengths and weaknesses; post-training three-month review and clinic

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