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Workplace Violence and Bullying


Post-#MeToo, the behaviour of employees in the workplace has been severely scrutinised. Employers should understand the definitions of workplace harassment and the latest legislation, terminology and guidance, as well as how to avoid litigation through effective internal management. Ultimately, creating a tolerant and inclusive environment via robust policy implementation can profit your company.

The programme content can be adapted to meet your specific organisational challenges and training needs. The course runs for approximately 6.5 hours and can be adapted for a briefing or half-day session. 

This training programme will dispel confusion around key legislation regarding employee rights and will demonstrate how you can implement policies to make you an employer of choice.

Learning Outcomes

  • By the end of the programme you will:
  • Understand which types of behaviour are illegal  
  • Be aware of the impacts on staff of violence and harassment
  • Understand the advantages of promoting a fair and inclusive culture in your workplace

Course Overview

Understanding workplace violence and bullying - has workplace behaviour changed post-#MeToo; the scale of violence and harassment within UK businesses and it’s long-term effects; harassment vs bullying; when does ‘banter’ become harassment; ‘unacceptable behaviour’; the difference between ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ discrimination; is violence a health and safety issue; is there a difference between systematic harassment and a one-off incident; what constitutes sexual harassment; can threatening behaviour such as shaking fists be defined as violence; do verbal or written threats constitute violence by intent, and are they illegal.

Examining the legal standpoint on bullying and harassment at workplace - The latest legislative developments and how they will affect you; do you understand the rights laid out in The Equality Act 2010; are you up to date with the guidance provided by The Equality and Human Rights Commission; when to use or not use government legislation; avoiding litigation by effective internal management and external communication; does legislation covering the workplace now extend to the home, post-Covid; how to ensure your regulatory and legislative frameworks are in place.

Creating workplace strategies for managing bullying and harassment - the importance of clear communication; training your staff to recognise harassment and bullying; should social contexts be considered for unacceptable behaviour, or are they an excuse; promoting a fair and inclusive culture; providing staff with practical skills and strategies to combat bullying; managing incidents effectively; how to win widespread staff support for the policies you have implemented.

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