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Document Verification & Right to Work Checks

Approx. 6.5 hours, half day also available

Organisations which fail to effectively check a non-UK employee’s documentation face a £20,000 fine.

The end of the transition period for the UK to leave the EU will significantly impact UK employers. Once Freedom of Movement ends, employers of non-UK nationals will need to ensure they understand and implement the new rules, which will affect EU nationals, skilled workers, intra-company transfers and students.

It's more vital than ever to keep track of changes and implement the new rules in a timely fashion as well as assess, identify and plan for potential people risks.
Added to which, a possible 2021 resurgence of Covid may present risks which will further complicate immigration issues for employers.

Your organisation is responsible for checking identity documents for all your non-UK employees. That’s quite a challenge, given the sheer volume and complexity of authenticating often unfamiliar documents.

Our recent survey indicated that, despite the current Covid-19 crisis, 84% of you still need to check and authenticate RTW documents; most companies are continuing to invest in professional development.

Why attend?

For the last five years, BFI has been running this practical and interactive workshop throughout the UK. Hear from a top immigration and document verification specialist and ensure that your policies and procedures protect your organisation.

Course highlights:

  • Prevent illegal working: legal clarification of your responsibilities
  • Avoiding costly discrimination litigation
  • Is your policy legally compliant?
  • How to verify a non-UK candidate’s immigration status
  • Compare examples of real and fake documents
  • Checking and verifying identity documentation from outside the UK including:
    • Passports
    • Photo ID & Driving Licenses
    • Birth Certificates
    • Supporting Documents
    • Stamps
    • Visas

We will tailor the course to suit your organisation's needs. This is a preliminary outline to give you a taste of what we typically offer when delivering this course in-house. After an in-depth discussion between your organisation and the trainer, we will develop a course outline which meets the specific needs of your team. 

This course can be delivered face to face or virtually.

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Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR and recruitment professionals, Administration, Training, Security, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Policy, Vetting and Screening, Operations and all Line Managers and Directors and staff with responsibility for right to work checks and / or document verification


Introduction to the day and identification and clarification of objectives

Essential legal issues to consider from an immigration perspective

  • What is identity, why it is important to check, consequences of getting it wrong
  • What documents do you need to see and retain
  • Summary of different work routes for non EEA nationals
  • EEA workers and Brexit implications
  • skilled workers route: changes and updates
  • Switching between visas: the new rules explained
  • PBS: updates on language requirements and qualification updates
  • Costs
  • Settlement
  • Changes to skill and salary thresholds
  • Tricky areas - student workers; change of visa status
  • Health and care visas: what are the new parameters?
  • Avoiding discrimination
  • Data storage to ensure GDPR compliance
  • A checking strategy
  • Understanding the statutory excuse and ensuring you have it
  • Practical right to work including - who can work in the UK
  • An overview of visa categories
  • Non-sponsored routes
  • Acceptable documents in more detail with tips
  • Documents which do not prove the right to work and why
  • Covid-19: implications of a second or third wave in 2021
    • employees caught in countries where they are not normally resident: how to mitigate this in advance
    • non-resident remote working implications: tax, employment and visas
  • Live Q&A

Checking identity document

  • Attributed identity versus biographical identity
  • Biometric identity – what should you know?
  • Do you know what to look for?
  • Common scams to be aware of
  • What to do when you spot an irregularity
  • Passports
  • Photo ID and driving licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Supporting documents
  • Stamps
  • Visas

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