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Cec has pioneered the potential of digital technology to drive value to both society and business, specifically to understand how we more effectively connect business and young people.

Guiding Slenky through extensive market testing, Cec has focused on a future where personalised and relevant content is the norm; developing Slenky as a digital experience platform and innovating new search methods and delivery channels. 

Slenky users explore and access opportunities and sectors relevant to their Passions but often perceived out of reach. Businesses are able to use social content and data to meaningfully engage new audiences of young people. Slenky users are building careers and businesses in sectors diverse as advertising, sport, music and aviation.

Cec has involved global brands such as the FA, Sony and Microsoft in tests, whilst developing partnerships with stakeholders across cities and regions, local government, education etc., on issues ranging from Diversity and Inclusion to Future Skills.

Past awards include O2 Good Communication Award for Mobile Tech; Finalist Mobile Marketing Association ‘Smarties’ Awards.



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