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David is a Managing Director at Teneo focused on strategic communications and organisational change issues across geographies and sectors. He has been working in communications, change and transformation for over 30 years.

David is usually engaged when an organisation wants to make business change happen through people. That means designing, developing and delivering organisational change management programmes, helping build and embed corporate cultures, developing capabilities in leaders and teams, as well the operationalisation of any other strategies.

He started in politics and journalism in his native Canada, before moving into consulting. His first major consulting assignment was the merger of Astra and Zeneca in the USA and then the UK around the turn of the century.

At that time he worked in a global HR consultancy. Since then he has lead a practice in a large international PR firm, and then spent ten years building and running the boutique organisational change management consultancy Able and How.

Having grown up in the family of a foreign correspondent he has carried on those itinerant ways, working on four continents for clients like Rio Tinto, Shell, Santander, GE, BP, HSBC, Qtel, Shire, ITV and many, many more.

David was born in Montreal, and raised in North America, Africa and Europe. He has been based in the UK since 2000. He has joint UK and Canadian citizenship, three large children, and speaks a fluent French and English.


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