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Race, Award-Winning Educational Influencer - Ibrahim Mohammed (Ibz Mo)

Ibrahim Mohammed, more commonly known as Ibz Mo, is a multi-award-winning Education Influencer, D&I Officer and Future Trainee Solicitor. His work focuses on widening participation to top UK Universities for non-traditional students and helping support POC/First gen graduates transition to the workplace.  

During his time at Cambridge University, Ibrahim has helped Cambridge University become more accessible for prospective disadvantaged students through various role.

Ibrahim launched his YouTube channel ‘Ibz Mo’ in 2017 and created online content to help demystify the Oxbridge process. Now he has over 130,000 subscribers, over 10million views and has been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and the BBC. In 2018 he worked with Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala, and hosted the first Oxbridge Pakistan Access Conference, he also facilitated the first Cambridge Muslim Access Conference, and is currently the spokesperson for the first Oxford University access programme dedicated to British-Bangladeshi and British-Pakistanis. He has just completed his MSc in Higher Education at Oxford University and has written his thesis on ‘The Oxbridge experience for Free School Meal undergraduate students’. He will be working in Human Rights as a ‘Research fellow’ for MLAG (Muslim Legal Action Group) before starting his Training Contract in 2023.

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