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Julia is founder and director of IWORK (, which was set up in 2020.  Championing independent work, the website provides a wide-range of valuable resources to help all types of independent workers: gig workers, agency workers, temps, contractors, freelancers and the self-employed to better understand the business of working for themselves.  Julia is a podcaster, network builder and campaigner.  She has significant knowledge, experience and insight into the legal and tax issues affecting the independent workforce.

Prior to IWORK, Julia spent 7 years as CEO of FCSA, a compliance accreditation body for accountants and umbrella firms.  Here she led unprecedented growth, successfully increasing the profile of FCSA, extending influence within the government, and raising standards within an often-misunderstood sector.  Julia left FCSA in a position of strength, in order to launch IWORK and have a direct impact on the independent workforce that she is so passionate about supporting. 


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