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Julia Kermode is Chief Executive of the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA), the market-leading professional membership body for accountants, umbrella firms and service providers that specialise in supporting the contingent workforce.  FCSA’s primary role is to raise standards and promote supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market. 

Self-regulation is encouraged through FCSA’s accreditation which requires applicants to undergo a rigorous assessment of their business services, policies and processes, all of which are independently examined by regulated accountants and solicitors to ensure adherence to FCSA compliance standards.  Since joining FCSA in 2014, Julia has successfully driven unprecedented growth and today FCSA accreditation is widely recognised as the industry gold-standard, with an increasing number of recruitment agencies looking for FCSA as a prerequisite for their PSLs. 

Julia has significant knowledge and insight into issues affecting the contingent workforce, and she has a proven track record with credibility as a regular commentator in both national, regional and specialist press.  Julia spends much of her time ensconced in the world of politics and current affairs, keeping track of developments, lobbying policy makers on behalf of FCSA’s members and championing the important role of the whole recruitment industry.


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