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An award-winning practitioner, Mohamed (affectionately known as Mo) has been working in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion for nearly 20 years, starting in the voluntary sector, then moving on to FE & HE education, and currently in the NHS.

With a background in teaching, and lecturing, Mo has a demonstrable track record of designing, developing and delivering well-researched and high-quality EDI interventions. He is renowned for his training and development courses, public and motivational speaking, and engagement programmes.

From organising largescale EDI conferences and delivering thematic mini-talks in team meetings, to providing 1:1 coaching and mentoring to senior leaders and setting up staff networks and groups, Mo is seen as a dynamic, creative and contemporary thought-leader, influencer and partner who has immense good-will for the organisations he works with, setting them on a path to succeed that is realistic and achievable.

Rooted in a strong spiritual tradition, Mo’s style and approach to EDI is humanitarian.  

His interests and passions include tennis, reflexology, etymology, languages, history, and occasionally cooking.

Mohamed is not currently on social media 

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