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Overseas Student Visa Workshop


A comprehensive overview of the overseas student application process. Overseas students are a crucial part of academic communities, and the rate and scope of recent visa changes have caused some confusion. Getting it wrong could mean a license suspension or invalidation with disastrous consequences to overseas student recruitment, irreparable reputational damage and significant financial loss.

This popular training course offers delegates the chance to gain a comprehensive overview of the overseas student application process as a whole: from recruitment to application, enrolment, document checking, monitoring, reporting to the Home Office and managing a license. This will ensure that your institution is not only meeting Home Office requirements, but handling the student experience successfully, and protecting the institution from potential threats from fraudulent applicants with fake diplomas or fake ID documents.

Our expert trainer will bring a wealth of experience to this event, with practical examples and real-life case studies. Attendees will have the chance to ask specific questions at built in Q&A sessions throughout the course.

The programme content can be adapted to meet your specific organisational challenges and training needs. This half-day course can run at either 0930-1300 or 1300-1630. 

Overseas Student Visa In-house Training Course Overview 

The agenda below is used as a starting point for pre-course discussions with the trainer.

What are the key changes in international student immigration regulation?

Checklist: Better compliance and understanding of the law for overseas student sponsors?

  • Key changes in regulations and what do these mean for sponsors and stakeholders
  • Applying for or renewing a Tier 4 sponsor licence
  • The factors and obligations around highly trusted sponsor status
  • Sponsor duties and recruitment duties: CAS requests and annual requirements
  • Home office offences and civil penalties
  • Fees and ‘premium customer services’: what does this mean in reality
  • Illegal entrants and immigration offences

Managing the process and practice

  • Audits: preparing for an inspection: key areas to examine
  • How to manage a suspension or revoking of your tier 4 license
  • How does the UKVI work and what is the process of suspension and full revoking of licenses
  • Understanding where you went wrong
  • Working with key individuals externally and internally to quickly rectify the reasons for suspension
  • Planning ahead to manage risks and assess potential fraudulent or risky applications before awarding CAS
  • When to get legal support and how to manage the appeal process

The student application journey: making it seamless and more positive

  • Balancing the need for students and income with brand, status and being a trusted Tier 4 sponsor
  • Examining your current admissions processes: How can technology and different models improve efficiency
  • Student communication from start to finish: making the experience better
  • Remote and digital communication and documentation
  • When not to sponsor

Wrap up and outstanding questions

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